Lindsay Brazell

Music Educator and Creative Professional

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Lindsay Brazell

Hi there! I’m Lindsay, a music educator, singer-songwriter, composer/arranger, and creative professional. This is my tiny house on the internet where my blog, music, and events live. Everything in one little compact, yet very stylish space, just like HGTV.

I help teachers and creatives enhance their influence in their schools and communities so that we lead, inspire, and advocate effectively.


I want teachers to instill in their students a love of the arts that will follow them throughout their lives. This requires quality instruction that equips students to be independent musicians, regardless of their career aspirations. Most importantly, I want teachers to see that they aren’t just teaching music. We are responsible for the next generations, so we need to teach them to have excellent character to value people.


As a creative myself, I struggle with the lack of inspiration, time to create, and motivation to continue being more than just a hobby artist. I want to encourage fellow creators, whatever their medium, to continue making and hopefully foster a community that we can share our works in progress, our finished products, and all of the processes in between.

The Equation…

Combine the two, and you get a music-teacher-singer-songwriter-blogger-friend who wants to see the arts flourish and be a part of that body of work!

Whether it is enhancing your classroom instruction, helping you better lead those you influence, or giving you a song to sing, my hope is that my writing and my music inspires you, teaches you, and motivates you!


Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you’ll become a regular here!


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