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4 Tips for Creative People Seeking Creative Careers – Do Your Homework

IMG_0677This is the second post of a series entitled, “4 Tips for Creative People Seeking Creative Careers.”  Each tip will be listed on the home post as they are presented. Grab a cup of coffee and let’s begin!


If a student is going to end up with a good grade at the end of the year, they are usually expected to complete all of the homework assignments. Succeeding in your craft is no different!

This homework that I am “assigning” refers to two separate tasks: Observing and Practicing.

Both tasks are essential to your development as an artist or creator.


The phrase, “Watch and learn,” has never been so relevant! Locate people who do what you do and watch them, either in person or on youtube. If you are a musician, watch your favorite performers in concert, in interviews, or in documentaries. If you are a writer, read what your favorite writers are writing and what they are saying about writing. If you are interested in choreography, watch dancers and observe the choreographing process. Study your favorites and learn how what they do applies to you.

Immerse yourself in your craft. Subscribe to blogs or print publications in your field. Attend concerts, go to galleries, read books, go to conferences.

Literally, watch and learn!


All artists and creators continue to practice their craft each time they create. Regardless if you are immersed in a creative process or not, practice your craft daily.

If you can’t physically practice daily, mentally practice. Listen to the piece you are working on, write down or blog about ideas, or photograph scenes you wish to paint.

We all know by now that practicing doesn’t make perfect, but it makes you better!

So, what homework do you need to do? How do you practice your craft? What are you assigning yourself? Share in the comments section!

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