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4 Tips for Creative People Seeking Creative Careers – Connecting

IMG_0677This is the third post of a series entitled, “4 Tips for Creative People Seeking Creative Careers.”  Each tip will be listed on the home post as they are presented. Grab a cup of coffee and let’s begin!


Artists may hear the word “networking” and cringe, which is understandable to an extent. We don’t always have job fairs in our field, so we often lack to attend such events.

On the upside, networking with artists and creators creates an immediate community, and community is important!

As far as creating a community goes, there are two points you need to focus on: Making Connections, and Being Accessible.

While these may seem obvious, the methods you choose to achieve them may not be familiar to you.

Making Connections

Why should artists and creators want to establish a community, either locally, or virtually? Because we need support, inspiration, and references. Without those, it would be pretty hard to advocate your artistry!

The first place to build your community is locally. Connect with other artists in your town, at your school, at conferences, etc. Support their work, collaborate, and share your work with them.

The second place you can build your community is virtually. Create a Facebook page for yourself that promotes your craft. Get on Twitter, and follow artists in your area and from around the world. Participate in conversations with them, find hashtags related to your field. Get on LinkedIn and connect with artists, past professors/teachers, and friends. You never know who will hear about an opportunity for you!

Be Accessible

In addition to seeking connections, you need to make sure people can easily connect with you. It’s important that people know how and where to reach you.

Link your online portfolio to all of your social media platforms. That way anyone who stumbles upon you can see your work and learn a little about who you are and what you do.

Link your social media platforms to each other. Let your twitter followers know that they can “like” your Facebook page. Let your Facebook and LinkedIn connections know that they can follow you on Twitter.

If you have a business card, or your contact information is on your online portfolio/website, be consistent with the email address you provide. I recommend creating a separate email account just for professional use, preferably one at your own domain. (Gmail works just as well too!) Just be consistent! Make sure your contact page works with your email address as well.

How are you connecting with artists in your field? Do you have a community? What Twitter hashtags are you using? What questions do you have? Share in the comments section!



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