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4 Tips for Creative People Seeking Creative Careers – Seize All Opportunities

IMG_0677This is the final post of a series entitled, “4 Tips for Creative People Seeking Creative Careers.”  Each tip will be listed on the home post as they are presented. Grab a cup of coffee and let’s begin!


Artists don’t always live in a land of opportunity. It’s true! A lot of what we do takes a little big of leg work. We have to find our own gigs most of the time, and sometimes we go through dry seasons.

I’ve had one dry season, followed by one good gig, followed by another dry season. However, what I’m learning is that there are opportunities in all seasons.

Maybe you are having trouble finding a venue to display your artwork. Maybe you haven’t found anywhere to play live. Or on the other hand, maybe you are having trouble finding time to create new work.

Whatever situation you are in, seize the opportunities available.

Looking for Gigs

It’s hard to find ways to share your craft. It’s always in the cards we are dealt as artists. Here are some opportunities to keep and eye out for while in this season:

1. Open Mic Nights – It may not be a paying gig, but they provide you an audience and potential new fans!

2. Competitions – Look for local and national competitions that will display your work. While it may cost you some money to enter, you never know how the results will turn out!

3. Local coffee shops, cafes, restaurants – I’m always checking out local places to see if they are “artist friendly.” Do they have artwork on display? See if they will let you display some of your work. Do they have any live entertainment, or are they open to the idea? Will they let you do readings of your writing? Would they consider doing a book or CD release? It doesn’t hurt to ask!

4. Make Your Own – If you can’t find anything going on anywhere, create your own event! Get in touch with some fellow artists and set up shop in someone’s home! Here is a great post on how to host your own house show by Tara Leigh Cobble. It’s mainly geared towards musicians, but you can definitely adapt it to any craft!

When All Else Fails…

Use the time to continue creating. Use the time to reach out to other artists. Use the time to do your homework. Every moment in your creative career presents an opportunity, it just may be one you weren’t pursuing.

What opportunities are you pursuing? How do you deal with dry seasons? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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