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Spring Hoarding? 4 Things Graduate Students in Music Education Should Keep

While it may be time for us to do some spring cleaning, there are some things that graduate students in music education should hold on to for a while! Here is a short list:

1. State and National Standards

Print a copy, or save a PDF on your computer! It will become a valuable easy reference for either future assignments or lesson plans during clinical practice!

2. Start building a repertoire library.

Save any scores given to you in literature classes, free copies at conferences, or print and save any pieces from public domain sites that you like! Or at the very least, keep a list/spreadsheet of all of the repertoire you have performed over the years for reference. Perhaps keep an iTunes playlist that correlates with that list! This will also come in handy for any future assignments or program planning.

3. Save any notes and assignments from methods classes.

Again, any handouts from class that you find particularly important or useful, save it! You never know when you may need it. I have a file drawer with folders from each graduate class I have taken which houses any important documents or assignments. Once I get my first teaching job I can revisit those files and keep everything I seem to be using and discard the rest.

4. Contact Information

Keep your professor and cooperating teacher email addresses. You never know when you will need their advice, wisdom, or collaboration!


What else are you saving? Leave a comment!

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