I know I’ve mentioned this a few times, but one of my favorite things about Twitter is the constant stream of information I’m getting from other musicians and educators. There are some really great people writing and collecting information, and ironically, one of their sites is the reason I ended up on Twitter in the first place! I thought I’d share four really great resources for musicians and educators that I’ve been enjoying lately!

  1. MusTech.Net’s Monday Morning Music Mix. This was the site that brought me to Twitter! I loved reading the latest happenings in music every Monday. Did it help that there was a picture of coffee on every post? Probably. Regardless, it was a great way to provide multiple resources in one central place. The Mix has just started up again, so I encourage you to bookmark MusTech.net and check it out every Monday!
  2. The Music Professional Learning Network. Lately I haven’t been partaking in any of the discussions on the forums, but I’ve been doing quite a bit of reading! I wrote about the benefits of the MPLN more extensively here, but just to reinforce, if you are a music teacher or student, this is a fantastic resource to learn and share music ideas!
  3. Thomas J West’s Blog. I started following thomasjwest on Twitter in my early days and realized how AWESOME his website is for anything and everything he does. I’m fairly sure that his goal for the summer was to blog daily, and I’m pretty confident that he succeeded! It’s really amazing. If you are looking for information or insight on anything musical, I’m sure you could find it on his blog. If not, he told me he takes blog requests! Haha!
  4. The Twitter Reading Music Daily. This resource just started a couple weeks ago, I believe. I first started following the twitter feed of articles at reading_music started by Brian Wis. It’s another great way to find great articles written by great musicians and educators, and it’s released DAILY! I’ve really enjoyed it!

So there you go! 4 Websites that are an excellent source of music information from around the web! Now go read!