Lately, I have been aching to write. I don’t know why, but my daydreams of being a writer in addition to everything else I want to be have reached the surface, so now I feel like I need to do something about it!

I have been perusing the blogs of seasoned writers for a couple weeks now, and stumbled across Jeff Goins’ website. He has great tips on how to become a better writer, and even better, how to become a writer in the first place! And what are the odds? He is starting a 15 day series entitled, “Mastering the Habits of Great Writers.” Each day there is a different element that he explains and then encourages you to write on said element. What a great way to get into the swing of writing for writing’s sake!

I have decided to take part in this series, as best as I can. While I can’t promise 15 consecutive days of writing, I am hoping to end up with 15 posts exploring my hopeful future as a writer, particularly of music education and the life that goes along with it!

You can follow my writing journey by visiting