I have been a huge social media/web slacker lately, and my site really got…stale. So I finally gave it a face lift and changed some things around!

First off, let me say that Elegant Themes is really cool. I have been stalking their themes for a few months now and became so greatly intrigued. I finally found the one I thought would suit me best and here it is!

Now you will see that I don’t have a “central” blog anymore. Well, I think it exists but you aren’t linked to it! Instead, I have arranged it that my posts will fit into 3 categories: News, Professional, and Artist. The News Blog will have posts such as this one or anything newsworthy going on in my life. My Professional Blog will be dedicated to posts about music education and my graduate school experiences. My Artist Blog will be posts regarding my life as a musician, whether it be my songwriting or documenting my new album experience. Any other musings I have will be kept on my Tumblr, or as I call it, my “unprofessional blog!” 😉

There will be a few more posts over the next few days on my recent recording session and other such things, and I will also be doctoring up my home page a bit to make it fit the new look. It took me long enough to figure out the new theme options…so I’m spent for the night!

Happy Evening to you!