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An Ode to the Music Edcuation PLN

Once upon a time in 2011, the music education scene on Twitter was booming with new ideas, global conversation, and accessible resources. In a way, it still is doing all of these things, but it’s different.

At that time, I was in between college and graduate school and had no classroom experience whatsoever. The only credentials I possessed were “student leader” and “section leader,” working only with my peers, who were basically all my friends. I could teach notes and run a rehearsal when asked. And I enjoyed doing so,  and learned a lot!

I religiously participated in the weekly #musedchat and contributed any ounce of wisdom I thought I had, wrote reflections on my blog, and interacted with educators I had never met on an almost daily basis. I helped launch a campaign to get 100 music education majors tweeting. My blog was visited frequently, more than it ever has, and I felt like I learned from that PLN more than I did in my graduate classes. I was actively engaged in a field I had yet to be employed in, and when it came time to set foot in my own classroom, I knew I was ready.

And then I became busy figuring out my new teacher life, I got engaged and planned a wedding, I got married and bought a house (or two…) and now, years later, when I look on Twitter at the music education hashtags they are somewhat polluted with spam links and the occasional conversation. To me, it seems more of a dumping ground of links with the exception of the weekly chat that is still going strong, thanks @jguarr!! 

It’s just different.

This is my third year teaching, and I would say it’s my favorite year yet. But the whole process of the year…it’s becoming stale. I am out of new ideas. I am settling in to too much routine. I want to see what other choir directors are doing across the country, or across the globe!

I am partially to blame. I don’t make the time that I once did. I am guilty of sharing links, even if it is with genuine interest and recommendation. I post my own blog posts, and forget to read the posts I bookmark for later. Sadly, some of my favorite education bloggers don’t post much anymore.

I hope it doesn’t sound like I’m whining that things are different or that I’m angry at those who greatly contributed to our PLN that have moved on to other endeavors, or that I am displeased with those who actively contribute now. I’m not any of the above, I promise! I am really just saying that I miss it, so very much, and I long to find that community again. I miss feeling inspired every time I read through the Music Education Blog Carnival. I miss the instant responses whenever I had a question. I miss the opportunity for growth. I miss feeling inspired to write on my own blog. I miss actively participating!

I have written #musedchat into my calendar for the month of January to hopefully get back into the conversations. It will be tough with my evening rehearsals that end at 7:30, but I feel like I need to make the effort!

With the new year comes new goals and aspirations, and one of my goals is to get back involved in the music education PLN. I look forward to meeting all of you who are currently contributing and am excited to learn from you!

See you on Twitter!


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