I know, I know…extreme neglect!

Grad school is AWESOME…but SUPER BUSY. Good grief. I don’t think I had this much work in all 4 years of undergrad.

I’m currently writing a 20 page paper on vocal resonance for my vocal pedagogy class, so I figured this would be an opportune time to take a break and tidy my site a bit. Here are a few current happenings, reminders, and future events in no particular order:

  1. If you are a Music Education major (undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral!) click on the 100MEMT link to get involved with the 100 Music Ed  Majors Tweeting project! It’s a great learning opportunity!
  2. I have most of the final mixes for my album done! Just waiting on 2 more, and still undecided about adding another song or not. Decisions decisions. After that comes mastering, album artwork, and duplication…all of which I know 0.00 about! Yikes! It shall be quite a learning experience.
  3. As for this site, I have a few updates/changes I want to make after the semester is over. At the moment, I’m thinking about breaking the site into 2: one site for my music, and one site for my music education/philosophies. An “artist” site and a “professional” site, if you will. I’ve considered bringing back the talk music forum site in some shape or form, but I’m also toying with the idea of a new site direction for the professional blog as well. Again, decisions decisions. Suggestions are welcome!
  4. I’m hoping to post some “teasers” of some of my music to get the “excitement” or “suspense” going.
  5. I’m learning SO much this semester, so there are a ton of things I want to post on these experiences. Unfortunately, it will have to wait until the semester dies down or is over.

So that’s the scoop for now! Hopefully there will be another time where I can sneak in a post here and there, but if not, I will hopefully return to both my #MusEdChat involvement as well as my somewhat frequent posting when the semester is over!