I take really mediocre pictures, probably because the only camera I own is my iPhone. But it’s OK, because Instagram makes me think I take beautiful, sometimes vintage, pictures.


Picture Your Life

Some people criticize those who use Instagram to post photos of their food, their coffee, their cats, their shoes, etc. We’ve all done it at some point. I definitely have. But when I reflect on that train of thought, my motives for posting such pictures were never to brag or make you feel like your food isn’t good, or your cat is not as cute as mine. I believe it’s simply that I want to remember, and invite others, to see the beautiful little snapshots of the most insignificant moments in my day to day life.

Maybe that sounds corny, but once I adopted that view, I started looking at other’s photos differently. While creating stories like, “Ok I get it, you are at Starbucks enjoying a latte in that pristine white mug, with your clearly weathered (or maybe it’s just the Early Bird filter)  journal which probably houses entries documenting your peaceful and carefree life while I sit at home in my pajamas watching Rachael Ray,” I realized I could easily go and take the same picture if I wanted to. Or even better, I could realize the blessing of my flexible teaching schedule that allows me to relax and have some slow, leisurely mornings.

Perhaps you need a little Insta-motivation?


Finding Beauty

Sometimes beautiful moments aren’t visual at all. We can have beautiful conversations and thoughts. We remember those moments in our minds perfectly. Sometimes my favorite photos are the ones captioned, “Had a great time catching up with an old friend today,” or simple statements that if not accompanied by a picture, wouldn’t create value in an onlooker’s mind. Maybe we all just need to look a little closer to the beautiful details of life that we fail to notice. 

The real question is, why shouldn’t we all live beautiful lives? Perhaps we need to look at the big picture, or view life through a different filter.

Make the decision to live a beautiful life.