I was a little confused when I read the title of Day 6 in Jeff Goins’ Great Writers Challenge. “Great Artists (And Writers) Steal.” What? Isn’t that going against every creative law ever made??

Then I thought about it. No, it’s really not. And I am totally guilty of “stealing” as well. In fact, a lot of musicians, particularly composers, steal, though some steal with “permission.” Perhaps that is called borrowing? Regardless, it happens, and more times than not it’s a great thing!

Bloggers are huge thieves when you really think about it. We read a quote, we post it and write about it. We read a post from someone else, reflect, and write about it. We have a conversation with someone, we replay it, and write about it. The more I think about it, stealing and borrowing is a form of interaction… in a twisted way.

So…like most composers, I have borrowed text to set to music! I took St. Augustine’s text from his Confessions, and set it for unaccompanied choir.  This video is from my senior recital, when my conducting skills were very…beginner…we will call them. I hope you enjoy my piece, “Late Have I Loved You, Beauty.”


Composers, find some public domain text and start composing! Writers, read blogs and reflect!