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Closing One Chapter, Starting Another

Well, it’s official. The Brazells are moving to Mississippi!

I know, what a random place to move to. It’s on purpose, I promise! We are both going back to school for our doctoral degrees at The University of Southern Mississippi. Kyle will be pursuing a DMA in choral conducting, and I will be doing my PhD in music education.

It was a tough decision to make, as we both really love our schools and students, and the life we have here in Charleston. Not to mention, both of our families are in South Carolina. This will certainly be an adventure for us, living in a new city in a state we have only traveled to to visit the school. I’ve decided to make a brief list of things I’m exciting about, as well as things I’m nervous about.

Things that will be awesome:

  1. We’ll be slightly less than 2 hours from New Orleans, which is really exciting. We made a quick trip there over spring break on our school visit, and I have a feeling we’ll be frequenting New Orleans whenever we have the chance. It was DELICIOUS. Po boys are seriously amazing.
  2. It will be fun to be a student again, especially after being a teacher. I’m looking forward to singing in the choir instead of running the show. I’m also really excited to learn more about my field and find ways to improve it! But mostly, I’m excited to go school supply shopping and not have to share my pencils and pens with anyone!
  3. A new schedule. I’ve always disliked the flexibility of hours working in a school, and although I’ll have an assistantship on campus, I’m looking forward to a schedule that will have some free time built in for some writing time, and maybe even playing coffee shop gigs. Speaking of…
  4. A new coffee shop. There’s a cute place across from campus that we went to when we visited that I just loved. Starbucks is awesome and all, but I love local shops a little more. I plan to make this coffee shop “my place.”

Things that are concerning me:

  1. There are no Publix in the state of Mississippi. Yes, I know I survived without them when I lived in New Jersey, but I am seriously in love with that grocery store. Please do not tell me Winn Dixie is great…that offends me. Apparently there is a line of stores called the Corner Market, which resembles a Trader Joes (which they also don’t have) that I will be checking out. Groceries are a big deal to me. Don’t judge!
  2. The distance. I realize we could hop on a plane and be where we need to in a short amount of time, but that costs money. And two doctoral students aren’t exactly making bank!
  3. Have I forgotten everything I learned in undergrad and grad school and will I seem like an idiot? Self explanatory. I just don’t want to be the “dumb Phd candidate.” I foresee much studying in my future.

Overall, while I’m sad to leave my school and students, I am really excited and blessed to have this opportunity. I’ve always wanted to influence the world of music education, and I hope to gain the knowledge to help future music educators and better our field. 




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I’m Lindsay, a choral music educator by day, a singer-songwriter by evening, and a writer when time allows. You can find my latest album, The Room I Found – Lindsay Morelli on iTunes.

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