Lindsay Brazell

Music Educator and Creative Professional

Choral Composer Ads

Alan Theisen – composer, saxophonist, music theorist, and educator. Alan writes for a variety of ensembles and will even do commissions for your group! He is a professor at Mars Hill University, and the founder and director of the Mars Hill New Music Festival.

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Shar Joyner – Composer Sharneisha Marie Joyner has worked on using music as a tool to collaborate with other art forms such as theatre, dance, and an intense concentration in film. Her love of composition began with her study of music theory. The in-depth study of how music worked, dating back to the massive symphonies written in the 1700s to the use of modern techniques such as micro-tonal compositions fascinated her and led to her wanting to use those ideas in her own way as well as create her own.

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