And so the continuation of 15 Habits of Great Writers…continues…

I’ve missed a few days, but it’s mostly because I just haven’t posted it on the blog. The brainstorming that has been occurring has been nuts! My “Blog Notebook” in Evernote is filling up. (And the best part, with Evernote, your notebook can never actually fill up!!)

I’m in a process that I am calling “Re-Branding,” which is not necessarily changing what I do, but how I present it. My blog for so long has mostly been focused on music education, with posts here and there about my journey as a songwriter. Now, while I keep those topics present, I am realizing I have more topics I wish to cover, writing being one of them.

So with this “Re-Branding” comes a few questions:

1. Who is my audience, or do I have multiple audiences?

2. What am I trying to provide?

3. Why is my content important?

Once I am able to clearly answer these questions I can start to make adjustments to the construction of my site, and perhaps the way I write my content. If you are in a similar process with your site, let me know how you are Re-Branding!

Today’s Challenge

Today’s challenge is to connect with other writers. I’ve been searching the #15habits hashtag on Twitter, and I have sent a few emails to some folks who have similar interests to me in hopes of starting some conversations.

Readers: Are their other hashtags for writing that I don’t know about? Share them in the comments!