I apologize for my lack of blogging these past few days. I haven’t had internet access, and won’t have it until Tuesday. (Hoping to find somewhere with wireless to go for Monday’s #MusEdChat!)

I thought I’d share a choral piece today to please your ears. Last fall I was introduced to this piece in my chamber choir, and I absolutely fell in love with it throughout the entire rehearsal process. As a choir, we struggled with interpreting the text and conveying the message to the audience as we performed. The text translates to:

“Against whom, rose. Have you assumed these thorns? Is it your too fragile joy that forced you to become this armed thing? But from whom does it protect you, this exaggerated defense. How many enemies have I lifted from you who did not fear it at all? On the contrary, from summer to autumn you wound the affection that is given you.”

One choir member posed the question, “Do you guys know anyone like this; who constantly has a protective wall up?” Everyone did. We decided to rehearse the piece out of formation, scattering around the room to reflect and envision singing these words to that person. Dynamics appeared that had never surfaced. There was obvious emotion in each chord. It was a beautiful moment. Those are the kinds of rehearsals I love!

I hope you enjoy!