I was wandering around the Mac App World store to see if there were any good free productivity apps, because who doesn’t love free apps that may enhance the products of your life?

I stumbled upon Shrook, a fairly new RSS feed reader that sits right in your dock if you so choose to let it reside there. You can separate your feeds into groups to keep your reading organized. For me, I have the categories:

  • Music Education – websites and blogs by educators and music students
  • Music News – general music news, such as NPR or The NY Times
  • MPLN Feeds – groups or threads that I follow on the MPLN that I want to keep up with
  • Other blogs – websites and blogs of friends or other genres

So far I’m enjoying it, and appreciate the way it is organized. When new posts arrive they will have little stars next to their feed titles with the number of new posts…sometimes this is annoying for feeds like The NY Times because there will be 20 new feeds at a time, and you have to click/scroll through each of them in order to get the start to go away (which may not bother you, but it bothers me!). Overall, I’m finding it very helpful, especially now that my schedule seems to get more busy by the day. It shows me all I need to catch up on in one window!

Syndicated Press

I literally just installed this about an hour ago after reading Phil Kirkman’s blog post. I know WordPress users have been looking to find ways to input feeds into pages, and this seems to be the answer to that. I created a “What I’m Reading on the Web” page under my Resources menu, as a resource for any music students (or anyone, really!) who stumble upon my site and have similar interests in reading music education content. Right now I only put in about 5 feeds of my favorites that I feel are a mix of viewpoints, subject content, and are updated frequently. I haven’t quite figured out an overall plan for the page, so for now it will be a bit of an experiment. If you are interested about readying more about Syndicated Press, see this post.

Click here to see what I’m reading!