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Free and Accessible Resources for Research in Music Education

I hope you enjoyed learning about character education and care theory for the last month. It’s a topic I’m becoming deeply invested in, and look forward to continuing my research into the literature.

Speaking of literature, I wanted to share some resources for you that can expose you to research studies, and are easily accessible! While research may seem like a daunting genre to sit and read at your leisure, there are some benefits to even just reading the abstracts! Research can:

  • Inform you as to what problems in the field are trying to be solved.
  • Improve and/or compare processes.
  • Support a learning or instructional theory that can influence the way we run our classrooms.
  • Provide evidence for strategies that work, or do not work.
  • Give insight into student demographics.

There are so many other reasons to peruse research, and I am only finding this out now after one semester back in school! Below are some places you can find research material for free!

Action, Criticism, and Theory for Music Education (ACT) I came across this online publication while doing research in care theory. It’s accessible to anyone and everyone, and they cover a variety of topics. 

NAfME Societies and Councils – While NAfME has their own publications (which can come with membership or an added expense for JRME), these are groups of people interested in specific topics. I would check them out to see if any resonate with you, and absolutely get involved if you feel strongly about a particular area!

Google Scholar – This may be obvious, but there are folks who don’t know this exists! My favorite aspect of Google Scholar is that it shows you how many times a particular article has been cited by other articles. If it’s a huge number, it’s obviously a big deal. Or as I said in this post, “the Justin Timberlake of articles.”

Your library! – Libraries should have access to online databases such as SAGE, where you can access a variety of peer-reviewed journals. I do apologize for not linking to your nearest library…as I don’t know where you are! 🙂


I have a short, 6-question survey about education research that I would love your feedback on! Click here to open it in a new window, or scroll below!



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