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My friend @jessebwinchester does a #jesses30daysofthanks Instagram challenge every year, and after a tiring month, I think some daily gratitude could do me well! So, here you have #lindsays30daysofthanks
This piece was first introduced to me in college when I sang with Viva Voce at Clemson. It pops up in services here and there at St. Philips (this picture is from there a few weeks ago), it was performed at our wedding, and now I have given it to my Madrigal Singers for the winter concert. I just love the text “Where charity and love are, there God is.” Thankful for this piece and for the musical reminder of that message.
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About Lindsay

I’m Lindsay, a choral music educator by day, a singer-songwriter by evening, and a writer when time allows. You can find my latest album, The Room I Found – Lindsay Morelli on iTunes.

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