Thanks to all who came out to Coffee Underground last night! It was a good time!

Next time, I fully plan on having it over-organized so that there is no room for error. I now owe my brother and his friend Dunkin Donuts for working the cover charge table, and I will get there earlier to learn how to use the sound board or bring someone extreme tech-savvy. And I would publicize it more. Other than that, all was good!

If you missed it, have no fear. A friend captured the entire night on video. I’m going to edit it with her this week and post the videos for all to see! AND I had some photo-savvy friends take pictures too…so those shall be posted as well. I have very savvy friends. I should learn to be savvy too.

Here is a sneak peak at a cover I did with my friend Kyle: The Civil Wars “Poison and Wine.” Check it: Poison and Wine

Check back for photos/videos!