Hello, readers both real and non-existent. Welcome to my new blog that has no direction, rules, and lacks a well-defined purpose. Here are the answers to the questions you just asked in your head:

1. I thought you already have a blog? You’re right, I do. But it’s a little more on the professional side of the spectrum. (Not that this is going to be unprofessional in any way…we’ll see.) I write on music education and choral topics at my personal website lindsaymorelli.com, which houses that blog and my original music info. If that kind of stuff interests you, by all means take a look! If it doesn’t…well then…that’s your choice!

2. What’s the deal with this new blog? I’m not sure. I have had a few private blogs that I used to practice writing various content where I wouldn’t have any criticism or attention to it. I’ve always wanted to write a book (about something I have no idea…), and starting a blog is usually how most authors collect their content. About a month ago my husband (OMG it’s still cool saying that) said, “You should start a blog,” out of nowhere, and it’s something I’ve always wanted to do but never really thought I should/would. When I asked him what it should be about he said, “I don’t know, but you write well. I think people would like it,” to which I replied, “Great, thanks for your help…”

3. So, like, what are you going to write about? First, stop talking like a valley girl. Second, I have no idea. Some of my friends have really great blogs that I like that either focus on humor commentary, or recipes and DIY projects, etc. I, however, don’t enjoy googling funny GIFs to write captions to, purely because GIFs stress me out, and I am anti-crafts and all of my recipes, in short, I don’t want you to have, because they are mine/my mom’s, and if you know them, people won’t think I’m as gifted in the kitchen.

4. You didn’t answer my question? I know, but that’s because I don’t have an answer, so calm down! Here is what I can predict at this moment in time:
-I’m a newlywed, a new homeowner, and a new dog owner, and a soon-to-be-because-I-was-promised kitten owner. I’m sure I’ll have some stories along the way.
-I’m a “yankee” living in the south and I love every single part of that, minus the detective skills needed to find good Italian food. Food will probably be discussed often because I love it so much, and Kyle and I love going to new restaurants. I also photograph food A LOT.
-Tina Fey is my hero, so if I’m writing, I’m a little bit more like her, which makes me feel really awesome about myself.
-I love telling stories, and I often forget when I’ve told certain people the same story multiple times, aka my husband. He listens to them anyway even if he’s heard them. He definitely loves me. Perhaps I’ll share some fun stories. I’m always encountering awkward situations and people, which really is one of my favorite things.

5. Why is the site address “Brazell Dazzle”? Because that’s what my students call me/Kyle and they think it’s funny. AND that’s how I explain how to pronounce it. That’s about it.

No more questions please! Until next time….