Poor attempt at a creative title, and I’m sure I need to apologize for getting that song stuck in your head…really, I am sorry. Kind of.

So I have already skipped a day on this challenge. Starting of really strong…

However, this is a great element of a great writer: Believing in your heart, soul, mind, stomach, etc, that you are in fact a writer!

I experienced this whole “believing in myself”concept this morning at my very first school interview ever. Why should they hire me? Because I believe I am/will be a good music teacher!

That put everything into perspective for me as far as being a writer goes. I believe I write well, so why not go ahead and say I am a writer? I believe in my abilities to write, so why not believe that I, Lindsay Morelli, can add the title, “Writer,” to my logo at the top? (Which I probably won’t do until I am legitimately published one day…or is that going backwards in this great writer process…oops? It’s ok!)

I took a playwriting class at Clemson where one of our first assignments was writing our personal credo, or a bunch of statements that start with, “I believe.” I unfortunately had a different laptop then so I don’t have it any longer, so I’ve decided to start writing a new credo. Perhaps I will post that when it’s completed. The point is, I should believe in my credo that I am a writer, and that words and text are important to the human spirit!

I think believing in yourself is the first step in being successful in any profession. If a lawyer doesn’t believe they can help their clients, they probably won’t. If I don’t believe I am a good music teacher, I probably won’t be. If a doctor doesn’t think they will practice medicine well, then they probably won’t and should not be treating patients! Believing in yourself is a form of motivation. “I’m a good singer, so I’m going to practice so I can land the lead in that musical,” or “I’m good a math, so I’m going to use those skills to become an accountant.” Anything and everything starts with believing in yourself.

So readers, do you believe in yourself? What do you believe you are? Feel free to comment!