I think I finished the last song for the album tonight! Wow.

To be honest, I already thought I had all of the songs written and recorded. Of course, being in a new place brings new experiences and new music! It was one of those songs that I really didn’t plan on writing, so I knew it was something important!

This song is very different from the others that will be joining it on the album. A lot of these songs were written at different points in my life, so it’s interesting to hear the musical influences and the lyric content from each. I’m just hoping it doesn’t seem like music schizophrenia!

I’ll be recording this song one day over my spring break with my good pal Drew Cyphers. Then once I get the final mix I’ll have them all ready to take the next step: Mastering. Oh boy! Completely foreign territory to me, but so exciting nonetheless!

In the future I plan to post some song clips, album artwork, and hopefully some more posts about the production process and all of the adventures in between! Until then, sit tight…I’m trying to do the same! Can’t wait for the final product, but enjoying the journey!