As part of my Conducting Style and Analysis class this semester, we are required to keep a listening journal for a required listening list of about 35 choral pieces. I thought these would be perfect to share as Noteworthy Pieces, as well as give me another medium in which I can develop my writing about music.

The piece on the list is Beethoven’s “Missa Solemnis.” I found a great recording of Leonard Bernstein conducting the Concertgebouw Orchestra performance of this piece.

I love the dynamics in this piece, because I feel they are both appropriate and unexpected at the same time…which I feel is a Beethoven trademark. Choral/Orchestral works are the best of both worlds for me, because though I am focusing my career towards choir and vocal study, I’ll always have a love for orchestra. This piece made me realize how much I love a full stage of performers.

Stay tuned for more posts from my Listening Journal that will hopefully go a little more in depth as time goes on!