Another great discussion last night!

The topic was: When participation is voluntary, what motivates B/C/O students to want to continue in the program year after year?

Why don’t students return to programs?

It seems the main reason why kids don’t continue in their music programs are scheduling, no motivation or incentive. Hearing about schools cutting programs or class periods in a day makes me sad, because a lot of times kids have to choose other courses over music.

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What are some solutions to solve scheduling problems?

After school classes and ensemble meetings seem to be the answer to this one, though you still run into the problem of students having other after school activities.

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What are some things a teacher can do to keep students involved, disregarding schedule issues?

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@Orbital7 posed a great question: Ok, so here’s the money question…how do you all create a community in your own respective ensembles?

There was a #MusEdChat on this subject in the past. Click here for the reflection!

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Another question that crossed my mind: We’ve said community and relationships…what about music? Do you balance selections on “what they will like” with challenging rep?

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Some last summarizing comments:

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Did you miss the chat last night but have some more ideas on this topic? Leave a comment!

If you are interested in getting involved in #MusEdChat check out – the chat is held on Twitter on Monday nights at 8pm EST. It’s a great deal of fun and knowledge from musicians and educators around the world!

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