I had a lot of fun moderating the #MusEdChat Monday night, mostly because the topic chosen was one I forgot I submitted! (Ah…she comes clean!)

The topic was: What are some ways to make personal connections between students and their repertoire? How can we help everyone relate?

This subject highly interests me because I live for rehearsals that focus on getting the entire ensemble on the same page regarding motivation and emotion. In my experiences from student directing, I always strived to get the group communicating the same story or feeling on each piece. My philosophy is that if the ensemble communicates 100% together, the audience will have no problems getting connected to the performance. Those kinds of performances and rehearsals are my favorite moments in music.

Here’s an abbreviated summary of highlights from the chat:

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A great point by Tom West: “Getting students to connect with the music begins with the director carefully selecting the right repertoire.”

I completely agree with this statement! Here’s a great post from Tom on repertoire selection…read it!

I have blogged about a few rehearsal and repertoire experiences myself that relate to this topic:

Oh, How Beautiful This Finely Woven Earth (Greg Jasperse)

Contre Qui, Rose (Morten Lauridsen)

My Top Choral Moments – Comments on various rehearsal experiences that focus on repertoire connection

Some favorite repertoire mentioned in the chat:

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I think the reason I became so interested in choral music was because of these connections. Music is more than an art, it’s a language. For me, it’s one that I best communicate and understand. Teaching students to connect to music may have an impact on how they connect to other people and situations.

Did you miss the chat Monday night but have some more ideas on this topic? Leave a comment!

If you are interested in getting involved in #MusEdChat check out MusicEdMajor.net – the chat is held on Twitter on Monday nights at 8pm EST. It’s a great deal of fun and knowledge from musicians and educators around the world!

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