Once again, #MusEdChat didn’t fail to impress and inspire!

The topic for the evening: What does it mean to be a successful teacher in today’s society?

First, I immediately think of the music teachers I have had that I deem as successful. What made them so influential and inspirational in my life? What personality traits did they possess?

Here are the common traits I have found:

  1. They are extremely talented at what they do; singing, playing, conducting, arranging, etc. They know their craft inside and out, and are constantly practicing and improving themselves.
  2. They strive to build and continuing building their programs, and encourage their students to be a part of that task, which teaches and encourages students to take ownership of their program/ensembles.
  3. They invest time in their students and their program/ensembles. I’ve mentioned a couple times during the #MusEdChats that a great teacher is never bolting out the door at 3:00 when the bell rings. The teacher that stays after for a little while to make time for students or to prepare for future classes and rehearsals is appreciated because students see how much they care.
  4. They are interested in their students as people, support their creative endeavors and interests, and overall are always there to listen. I was always one of those students who sought the advice and wisdom of my music teachers (and I still do 4 years after graduating!), and I never felt that my stopping in their offices was ever a burden on them…I always felt welcome. Justine Dolorfinomade a great point: justine_robin: i think it’s important also to remember that as teachers we also simultaneously wear the mentor and counselor hat at times. AGREED!
  5. They aim and demand for excellence, while still making it fun for students. A good teacher wants to pass on their love for music to their students, and by challenging them, setting goals, and encouraging them along the way, students are bound to catch the “music fever.” I always enjoy(ed) rehearsals as it is (because I’m just that geeky), but it’s ten time more rewarding when you can tell the teacher is enjoying it too.
  6. They consider themselves part of a team with their students. I feel passionately that conductors of ensembles are part of the ensemble too. Yes, they are the key source of leadership and direction, but they play for the same team.
  7. They have likable personalities. All of the music teachers I have had are extremely genuine people, and years later have remained great friends. They are “people” people. I really liked a quote by Dr. Pisano: pisanojm I also feel a successful music teacher has to have a “stage like” presence on and off the podium…dynamic, personable, etc.

Some other favorite quotes of the night:

  • thomasjwest Successful music teachers are able to direct the students learning while still allowing students to take the lead at times.
  • girlfromPBO My most beneficial PD always involves opportunities to talk with other music teachers and share successes and failures.
  • richardmccready You must not let the teaching overtake your life so much that you have no time to make music yourself.
  • justine_robin What we do is special bc music can be so personal. As teachers we have an ideal medium thru which we reach out to our students.

Of course, these are just qualities I noticed in my own teachers. There were other great qualities brought up by other #musedchat folks as well! If you missed the chat, look for the recap onMusicEdMajor.net soon.

If you are new to the #MusEdChat and want to get involved, the chats are Monday nights at 8pm EST and welcomes all musicians, music students, and music educators. Do it!!! It’s great!!