Another reason why I love #MusEdChat: It’s a great place to share resources!

Monday’s topic was: What are valuable websites that can be used in the music classroom, and how can they be used?

I was really excited about this topic, because I had a feeling I was going to have a lot of websites to explore by the end of the night….and I was right!

When thinking about website usage in my undergrad and high school years, the main resource I can think of is YouTube. Particularly for ensembles, we used YouTube to look up our repertoire to listen to different ensembles performing it, listening for different interpretations, or just to hear how the end product could/should sound. In my conducting class we watched a lot of YouTube videos of different conductors to compare and contrast personal styles, and note responses of their ensembles.

However, there are a ton of other sites in addition to YouTube that could be great classroom resources! Here are some that I took particular interest in:

  1. – I usually go to the Choral Public Domain for music, but this proves to be another mix of choral music as well.
  2. – Lots of cool stuff on this site. There is an audio editor and a music creator with different loops.
  3. – REALLY cool site with different music podcasts!
  4. – Great site for music theory and history.
  5. – Different music games, programs, for students.
  6. – This was probably my favorite. I think I played with this more than the others…probably because it’s like making my own virtual pop choir. So geeky.

Just one quote of the night this week, as most of the dialogue was URL swapping!

  • andrewritenour: Important to not disregard websites/web apps because you don’t understand them. Learn to use them if they will benefit your students!

MrAhrens also mentioned how it’s great to have a “Links” section on your personal website for students and parents to obtain different resources as well! I’ll have to get working on that!

And there you have it. New resources!

If you are interested in getting involved in #MusEdChat check out – the chat is held on Twitter on Monday nights at 8pm EST. It’s a great deal of fun and knowledge from musicians and educators around the world!

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