For the next issue of Leading Notes Magazine, I’m exploring the differences between the criteria students and directors choose or “wish to choose” their ensemble’s repertoire. Feel free to leave an anonymous comment, but be sure to identify yourself as a student or current educator!

Students: If you could choose 2-3 pieces for your current ensemble to perform, what would they be and why? Feel free to provide youtube recordings, etc!

Teachers: How do you go about choosing repertoire for your ensembles? Do you take student suggestions, and if so, under what circumstances? Please identify if you are a choir, orchestra, or band director, and the size and make up of your ensembles.

Feel free to leave the responses in a comment on here, or for those who wish to lengthily elaborate (which I don’t mind at all, and I’d venture to say that I encourage it!!) you can email them to, or use the contact form on the menu.