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String Arrangement – Under the Boardwalk

Greetings, readers!

I am excited to announce that my first string arrangement is for sale in my shop! It has been quite a learning process, figuring out the ways of licensure and copyright laws. I will most likely write about that soon!

“Under the Boardwalk” by The Drifters is a full string arrangement (Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola, Cello, Bass) and is perfect for middle or high school light programming. I originally arranged this for a summer camp program in my hometown, which comprised of students from 3rd-12th grade, so it can definitely be used where you see fit in your orchestra programs. I would say the only minor challenge would be in a few rhythmic passages…but it can be a great learning tool for teaching ties or syncopation!

Since I am brand new to the world of selling arrangements, I would understand why you wouldn’t want to purchase it without viewing it first. If you fill out my contact form with the subject “Preview,” I would love to send you a page of the conductor’s score for you to peruse to determine if it is something you can use. If you decide to purchase it after that, GREAT! If not, no hard feelings!

When and if you do decide to purchase the arrangement, it is $10.00 for the conductor’s score and each of the 5 instrument parts. Once you complete your transaction you will be given a digital download of everything. For the time being, digital copies are only available.

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