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November Music Education Blog Carnival!

Welcome to the November Music Education Blog Carnival! A music education blog carnival is a monthly post that links to several new music education blog posts across the web. November’s edition features a sampling of blog posts published in October 2014.


Un-creative creatives: Improvisation as an Essential Musical Skill – Joe Park (@MrParkMusic)

“Improvisation should be an essential skill for all musicians, or else we might be raising a generation of un-creative creatives.” – Joe Park

Understanding Music with Musical Forms – Justine Dolorfino and Pawel Wysocki, via Leading Notes.

“A basic understanding of musical forms provides insight into why the music you enjoy is effective.” – Dolorfino/Wysocki

Deconstructing “The Voice” – Nick Jaworski, via Leading Notes.

  • Week 3
  • Week 4 – Competition and Music Education
  • Week 5 – Interview with Matt McAndrew


Since this is a fairly short list of articles, I thought I would add in some resources that I am enjoying at the moment:

TeachersPayTeachers: This is a great website for teacher’s creating resources they wish to share with other educators, and for teacher’s looking for quick resources! The link will take you to their music resources. There is also a separate area of the site for Music Composition resources! Check it out!

TedEd Lessons Worth Sharing If you love Ted Talks, this is awesome. You can build a lesson around any video, and it has a lesson editor that helps guide you through the process. Pretty cool. The link takes you to their performing arts videos, but you can search whatever you desire!


If you would like to host a music education blog carnival, click here! The next issue will be hosted by Catie Dwinal!

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