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One Year of Marriage!

Holy smokes. On Sunday, June 21, we will celebrate our first anniversary. How did that happen?!

Part of me feels like we got married yesterday. I know I’m biased, but that was just an awesome day. Good times had by all. The other part of me feels like it’s been longer than a year. Time, how you fool us!

As all you married folk know, marriage has it’s ups and downs, and it’s hard work! Contrary to what you may believe from everyone’s social media status updates and photo albums, it’s not a 24/7 love fest! However, it’s in the moments of non-love-fest where we grow and truly see the blessing that is marriage.

Everyone loves a good list post, so I’ve compiled a short life of things I’ve learned about being married to Kyle:

  1. Compromising is hard. After 26 years of making decisions based on your own wants and needs, suddenly someone comes around and screws up your entire decision-making system. And of course, they have completely different wants and needs. Sounds awesome, right? Kyle and I are similar in that we are super stubborn and like to have things our way, but are very different in how we approach compromising. If I were going to briefly summarize it, Kyle compromises more willingly and selflessly than I do. Sometimes, I look like a selfish beast. However, this past year has made me realize that I can’t always have things my way, and that I should approach decisions with a mindset of, “What is OUR way?”
  2. We go out to eat a lot. This one isn’t really a marriage lesson, but it’s definitely something I’ve observed. For the last two months I’ve been using my bullet journal to track how many times a month we go out to dinner. In April and May combined, we went out to eat 30 times! Isn’t that scary? So yes, maybe we aren’t spending our money on food the way we should be. However, I realized that going out to eat and trying new restaurants is one of our favorite hobbies. We love the experience of dining out, trying new dishes, comparing restaurants, and enjoying each other’s company. We like to cook too, especially for friends! Maybe I should label this one, “Food is good and we like it”IMG_5717
  3. No, we don’t sing and talk about music all of the time. I figured I would clear that up for some people. Yes, two music teachers under the same roof does create a lot of conversation about our days at school, troubleshooting choir problems, and trying to play the piano together to hear what a piece sounds like. It’s true. But often times, mostly from me, we say, “No more music talk.” Then, we go out to eat.
  4. Kyle keeps his promises. If you were at the wedding, you would have heard my dad say that one of the ways to keep me happy was to have a gray cat or two. Kyle promised that once we got married and settled into our house that we could go cat shopping. The day after we got back from our honeymoon, Howard came into our lives. Despite his constant yelling and chewing loaves of bread, I am obsessed with him.IMG_5138
  5. We love each other, despite our flaws. This is a big one. I can say or do the most hurtful things, and he forgives me. I make mistakes, and he says sweet things to reassure me. There is no doubt in my mind that there are only a few things in the world that would make him leave my side. Like if he were to find old fast food under the passenger seat of my car again, for the 3rd time. (I got away with it TWICE and I fear for the next…). That’s totally a “me” problem.


I’m sure there are many other lessons that are slightly more heart-felt, but I’m here to entertain. If you want heart-felt, I hear there’s a guy named Nicholas Sparks who can take you there.

Looking forward to many more years of laughter, music, restaurant scouting, HGTV-watching, and more with my best friend!


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