It’s Spring Break for me, and today I have the whole day to myself. At a loss of things to do, I decided to write, because it’s one of those activities that I never get to do at length during the semester.

I began my morning just writing and reflecting on lessons learned thus far in graduate school. It always amazes me how much I can write when I don’t have any “lines”, particularly guide and dead. (See what I did there?)

I then took a break to check my Twitter feed, and a new blog post by Donald Miller, one of my favorite authors/bloggers, popped up. It’s called, “How to Tell a Good Story With Your Life – or – The Four Critical Elements of a Meaningful Life.” It’s a great read. Then I migrated over to his Storyline website. In a nut shell, he basically outlines a way for you to live your life, which mirrors how screenwriters plan for movies. It makes complete sense! Here’s a video from his site:

I think this is a valuable tool for educators and musicians. What do we want to achieve in our teaching? What do we want to accomplish musically? If you have some time to kill today, I encourage you to plot out those goals in the chart seen in the video. Not only is it a great way to reflect, but it’s a great way to plan how to live your everyday life with purpose!

I’ll be attempting that sometime today. Perhaps I’ll post! Feel free to share yours in the comments section!