What an awesome and musically productive two days!

We successfully recorded 4 songs: 3 with full band (guitar, bass, drums) and 1 acoustic. They are going to be SO cool!! I’m so excited.

I must say, I’m pretty tired! I didn’t do much “activity” until the end of the second day, which was when we did all of the vocal tracks, but for some reason it was tiring! It must be all of that thinking we were doing! Here’s a sneaky photo of me “rocking the mic.”

It’s so fun to hear the “music you hear in your head” come to life. The guys of Fusebox Poet are extremely talented, and I am so thankful and glad that they shared their musical talents and grooves with me for this album! They seemed to pick up the feel of each song and add their part exactly how I envisioned it being played. I can’t WAIT to hear the finished product. Drew Cyphers is an audio engineering machine!

These 4 songs are so different than the last 4 I recorded with Drew, and different from anything else I have recorded previously as well. I have a lot of “Justin Timberlake back-up harmonies” going on in a couple songs, which makes me 1.) Feel kind of hip and cool, 2.) Think I’m trying to be R&B and looking really lame at it, and 3.) Mostly feel hip and cool. These songs seem to have a bit more “soul” in them, which makes for a really interesting mix of material!

Overall, it was a great two days of music making! Once I get the final mixes I’ll consider posting some “teasers” to share with you! Until then, I need to decide if I need to write more, or if I have everything I need….exciting times!