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Music Educator and Creative Professional

My Blog Went School Shopping

Hey, look! My blog got some new style for the school year!

My friend Leanna Manning and her husband Ethan are both graphic artists and, in my opinion, branding geniuses, so they helped design the new logo/design for all my web/social media/whatever-else-I-need-an-image-for happenings. There were a lot of slashes in that sentence, and it was probably difficult to understand. I’m just so excited about it that it’s hard to speak-type my feelings appropriately.

How Not Paying Musicians Greatly Hurts Us

On the very first day of teaching Music Appreciation, I asked students to do just one thing this semester: Be respectful of everything you hear, even if you absolutely hate it.

I explained to them that there were lots of genres of music that I am not particularly fond of, like opera and electronic music. However, there are people that perform those genres, compose for those genres, and study them, and I am grateful that we have people who devote their time to advocate them.

But most importantly, there are people making a living off of their work in those fields, and I can’t imagine robbing those musicians of their livelihood. I asked my students, “Wouldn’t you hate if people didn’t support your career paths, or even your passions?”

My PhD Productivity Is My Best System Yet

I’m a huge fan of productivity hacks. I love trying new systems, both digital and analog. As you know, I’m an advocate of the bullet journal system. It’s the best system I’ve seen because it is so flexible in how you utilize it. I could really go on for days. But I’m not going to […]

Gesture vs. Rehearsal Technique – What’s Most Useful?

Recently I have encountered the debate of what is more valuable in a K-12 ensemble classroom: an excellent conducting gesture or rehearsal technique. I say both are definitely important, but I strongly lean towards having more rehearsal chops. Here’s why: I’ve seen some amazing conductors lead TERRIBLE rehearsals.  There is definitely an art to great […]

Why I Unsubscribed From All Email Lists

If you read a lot about blogging and email marketing, the first thing they all tell you to do is build an email list, as it is one of the most “personal” connections you can make with readers. And so, I created said email list. It’s right there, to the right below my picture. —-> […]