Lindsay Brazell

Music Educator and Creative Professional

Back Home We Go!

The rumors are true…we are coming back to South Carolina!

Ok, so maybe there were not any actual rumors, but it’s still true! 

One Year Closer To “Dr.”

I am officially done with my first year of my PhD coursework! All that is left before I achieve true freedom is a ton of music appreciation grading, but the end is so very near!

My PhD Productivity Is My Best System Yet

I’m a huge fan of productivity hacks. I love trying new systems, both digital and analog. As you know, I’m an advocate of the bullet journal system. It’s the best system I’ve seen because it is so flexible in how you utilize it. I could really go on for days. But I’m not going to […]

Welcome, 2017! January’s Blog Topic Is…

Happy New Year, everyone! Now that the holidays are over and we are back in Mississippi, I figured I’d get back to work on my little ol’ blog. For the month of January, my weekly posts will be on the topic of character education. I spent a lot of time reviewing literature on character education […]

First Semester Reflections

Greetings, readers, friends, and husband. Our first semester of grad school part 2 is over in TWO WEEKS. There are so many notable things about that statement: Didn’t we just start? Wasn’t it just August? Time is flying and it’s both exciting and exhausting! We are SURVIVING! Kyle and I both passed our qualification exams, (well, […]

I Think Music Is Bullying Me

Don’t roll your eyes, folks! This is real! I have attended a couple Psychology of Music classes, and now I’m questioning so many areas of my musical tastes that it’s creating a small, yet mildly interesting, musical identity crisis. The whole class is constructed on a collection of questions about music, why it has the effect […]

Week 1 of Grad School and Newsletter Update!

Well, folks. It’s been one full week of being a PhD student, and so far I am loving it! It’s been a unique change of pace, and certainly a major role change. I almost feel like being a teacher has made me a better student. I definitely appreciate education in a new way, and I […]

Mississippi Musings

Greetings, readers! I’ve done a little housekeeping on the blog to accommodate some upcoming projects and ideas. I read a lot of personal branding articles about making your niche your primary focus and whatnot, and while that may work for most, I have too many things I like to do, so I’m going back to […]

Closing One Chapter, Starting Another

Well, it’s official. The Brazells are moving to Mississippi! I know, what a random place to move to. It’s on purpose, I promise! We are both going back to school for our doctoral degrees at The University of Southern Mississippi. Kyle will be pursuing a DMA in choral conducting, and I will be doing my […]

The Ensemble Life Manifesto

When we hear the word “ensemble,” we typically think of performing groups: a choir, orchestra, band, theater company, etc. However, the dictionary implies a more broad, worldly, definition: A unit or group of complementary parts that contribute to a single effect.”  Notice that it does not mention any requirements of any kind of performance or art […]