Holla holla.


Just read that article…kind of unsettling that I fit into most of those categories.

I’m not much of a practicer. I wish I could be…and I definitely can be. I think this became my style because I got away with it when I was younger. Everything musical came so naturally to me when I was younger, and as I got older and things got more difficult I seemed to settle for where I was at that point. This probably explains why I’m mediocre at multiple things!

I still think I qualify as a quality musician though. I think with a knowledge of several areas and instruments makes me valuable in some cases. However, not being AWESOME at one thing can be a handicap sometimes.

Yesterday in my voice lesson we were working on a Faure piece called “Ici Bas!” It’s in my favorite language…french. And by favorite…I mean least favorite. Since I’m fairly new to voice lessons, I’m still conquering some very basic techniques…like opening my mouth. (You’d think that would be a no-brainer…but for me it’s a project!) Dr. Odom is realllly talented and I really enjoy our lessons. She was helping me with this and said, “That’s the sound I’ve been looking for. Don’t lose that. It’s really good.” So i was like..”what?? really??” I don’t know that I heard what she heard. I’m very curious. I’m bringing my computer to our next lesson so I can record it…I bet this is going to be another situation where I could be really good if I practiced.

I bet if I could wake up earlier I’d get a lot more done. I think that’s my downfall. I just love sleeping so much…

Until next time!