On Friday I’ll be heading to Clover, SC to record with my friend and favorite engineer, Drew Cyphers. I’m SO excited.

I just finished the last song, or what I think is the last song, I need to finish this album. I think it summarizes everything I have been feeling and writing about in all of the songs. It’s like a giant sigh of relief and closure. I like it.

I’ve already decided to cut one song from the session tomorrow, making it 4 instead of 5. I’ve performed “To Be Whole” live before, and it’s definitely one of my favorites to perform, but the way I’m envisioning it for the album makes me think there are still a few elements missing from the song itself. The interesting thing about songwriting is that sometimes the process isn’t over when you think it’s over. I wrote the song a couple years ago, and am just now seeing that maybe it needs a little “refresh button” pushing. That doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t be on the album…it just hasn’t made the cut…yet. Who knows, maybe after Friday I won’t feel it fits…or maybe it will be the puzzle piece that’s been missing.

Three of the songs will be with full band, with some help from the guys of Fusebox Poet. I’m really excited to see how these arrangements develop. (Especially since they are so talented!) It’ll be really cool to see how musicians in different genres collaborate too. I can hear how I want it to sound in my head, but I’m sure when creative juices start flowing some really awesome things may appear. I think it’s going to be a really cool sound. That is solid, geeky fun, right there.

Other than that, I’m just really anxious to record these new songs. The recording process is almost as exciting to me as the rehearsal process. I just love sitting there saying, “well what if we added this,” or “do you think this would sound good,” and experimenting. Again, solid, geeky fun.

Until then, I’m just trying to stay healthy and prepare!

Happy week!