What is #ReflectEd?

#ReflectEd is a movement to encourage educators to reflect on the school year and dream about the future. The hashtag provides access to a community of bloggers engaging in this process together.

How does it work?

Each week a will post a reflection question on my Twitter and FaceBook pages. You can either comment/respond, or if you’re a blogger, write a post and send me the link! Responses will be curated the next day, with links back to your page! The hashtag #ReflectEd will be used to keep the conversations going throughout the week!

What if I’m not an educator?

That’s fine! While the reflection prompts will be tailored to education, specifically music and arts education, feel free to rearrange the wording or bend the topic so that it applies to what you do. While our professions may differ in day-to-day tasks and content, there are definitely ways we can inspire one another in the way we work and how we go about planning!

#ReflectEd Posts