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Review: Someday, Someday, Maybe

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After 6 months of marriage, I finally got my license changed with my new name and new address, which obviously means I left the DMV and headed straight to the library to get my official library card. What? Not everyone does that? Interesting. It’s free books, guys.

Anyway, I had pondered what would be my first official “check-out” with my new library card, and since I feel a strong allegiance to Amy Poehler, I knew it couldn’t be her new book, because I have to actually purchase that one, you know, because of my allegiance. While I really enjoy Lauren Graham and think she’s a hoot, I don’t quite feel any allegiance to her, so I decided her book, Someday, Someday, Maybe would be the one to check out.

If you’re a Gilmore Girls fan, you probably love Lorelei and her quick wittiness. Graham’s voice in her book has a similar resemblance, even with a few fast-paced, run-on soliloquies. The main character, Frances “Franny” Banks, is by no means similar to any character Graham has played, but you can absolutely hear her voice in the character, which I really enjoyed.

I have 3 takeaways from this novel.

1. Graham definitely has read her share of books in her day, and understands quality literature and writing. After finishing the book, I read her short bio which reveals that she has a degree in English, prior to her theater study. This is by no means a book from a celebrity who had some help getting it on paper. It was well-developed, and written quite eloquently. The characters had depth and felt familiar. People I knew I liked from their introduction, and people I immediately rooted against. Kind of like how you pre-judge new friends or co-workers. Graham really had a story to tell, and she picked the right places and characters to aid in her message.

2. The struggle is REAL. Franny Banks is a starving actress in New York trying to figure out if she even has what it takes to pursue show business. There were times when I felt like the situations were a bit cliché, but then I felt bad for feeling that way, because I surely have no idea what it’s like to be in show business, but her depiction is exactly how I envision it. Franny is constantly doubting herself, measuring her worth, comparing herself to peers, and trying to convince herself that her choices are the right ones. Franny became very real to me as I read, and at the end of each chapter I had a stressful feeling of, “Oh boy. Now what??”

3. There’s no business like show business. I have some friends who have tried or are currently trying to be an artist and make a living, and it just seems like the most talented people are going unnoticed. Here, I could go on an entire rant about some of the talent-less celebrities of today, but I won’t because that’s mean and what if they googled their name and my blog popped up? Because it would.

I feel like there are two career paths: being an artist, or being in show business. An artist has talent, passion, and has a business work ethic. Show business is the category the aforementioned celebrities fall into. Franny Banks was definitely an artist being forced into the shimmery, glamorous light that is show business. Her journey from artist, to show business, to a complete mess, back to slowly piecing herself back together as an artist was like watching a friend spiral out of control into a deep depression and flourishing in rehab. All of those seasons seemed necessary, and never forced or clichéd.

While this isn’t entirely a formal book review, I felt it required honorable mention even with it being a fiction novel not entirely related to the topics I usually post about on my site. Typically, I don’t really read fiction as it is, but perhaps I should start. I have a thing for non-fiction, memoirs, self-development/improvement, etc., because they are more real and tangible ideas and stories. Alas, this book was as real as I hoped it would be. The topic of artistry and being a creative is one I take interest in personally, which may be the reason I chose this book in the first place. If you have any appreciation for artists, creatives, or are simply curious about those you know, I would absolutely recommend Someday, Someday, Maybe.

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