Have you ever felt like you are taking on something too ambitious? That’s how I’m feeling with the Goals Unit I created for my Concert Choir.

I love setting goals and seeing others achieve their goals as well. Designing this unit was fun and exciting, though I had some reservations about how the kids would respond. As predicted, some are really into it, some are not. I keep telling myself that is OK!

At this point in the unit, we have created our goals and developed our action plans. Now it’s time to start working towards our goals, which for me, is a scary thing! I’ve set my goals, which you can see in this post on our chorus program website, and now I need to start putting my action plans…in action.

I made two very ambitious goals for my ensemble: achieve superior ratings at state festival and learn the two festival pieces solely by sight reading. So far, they are doing really well. I’ve never considered the opposite results though; what if we don’t get superior ratings? What if it becomes crunch time and we need to stop sight reading and use the piano? 

I’m in the middle of reading Bob Goff’s “Love Does,” and I’m learning that being whimsical and daring isn’t anything more than an expression of love, in this case, a love for teaching and my choral program. Even though the students and I have had one semester together, I feel like we have achieved a level of trust that somehow allowed them to accept my invitation to take on this project. That’s pretty cool.

If we don’t achieve superior ratings, I’m sure there is going to be something more abstract or something on a deeper level that we will achieve, which may not be visible at this moment. For now, we will focus on that goal and work towards it, and whatever the outcome, I’m sure there will be something to learn or value during the experience.

We have our first checkpoint mid-Februrary to reflect on how are preparation is going and if our action plans seem to be working. I love having a deadline for things like this, but now that I am undertaking the same assignments they are, I’m feeling determined to make sure I set a good example and really work at my goals! Ah, the pressure!

All this to say that I’m excited, scared, impressed, and unsure about the whole process all at once! I just need to keep reminding myself that this ambition is OK and that while it may not turn out as I dreamed it would, the outcome could still be satisfying in a completely different and unimagined way.