I just gave a “dual session” seminar on “Social Media and Web 2.0 Tools in the Music Classroom” for my Trends and Issues in Music Education class. It was a lot of fun to put together, and an interesting topic to further explore in an academic sense!

Here is the slideshow from both seminars:


1. The class was given a “social media survey” that I made to share and discuss how everyone was using social media, if they were using certain platforms, and what they mainly used it for…sharing pictures, keeping in touch with friends and family, etc.

2. Twitter Test Drive: This was a lot of fun, at least for me! Everyone signed up on Twitter and we went over all of the music education hashtags, how to tweet, and all the basics of Twitter. To get started, they all followed Dr. Pisano’s list of music educators.

3. Scavenger hunt: The purpose of this activity was to get everyone acquainted with Twitter and searches, etc. They had to look for particular kinds of blog posts, examples of collaboration, and other criteria all from using Twitter or blogs. The full activity can be found in the slide show.

4. Homewo….I mean….Independent Discovery…: The class was to tweet about music education at least once a day for a week. They were to follow more music educators and students, participate in any conversations, ask questions, and possibly research their own seminar topics through tweeting. They also had to look through some of the educators that they followed and see if any of them had blogs or websites. They had to pick one that they liked, explain why, and describe what the author does and what they mainly write about. They were also encouraged to try out a #MusEdChat!

5. Using the class blog: I had set up a class blog prior to the seminar, pre-setting the categories for each assignment. I made them all authors for the blog so they can post as they like. Here is the link to our class blog: http://trendsinmusiced2011.wordpress.com. Then they were to brainstorm ideas of how educators, students, and others could collaborate with social media and web 2.0. Those brainstorm posts can be found here.

6. Lesson Idea: The class had to come up with a lesson that used social media and/or web 2.0 tools for assigned grade levels. People really came up with some awesome ideas!! You can find those lessons here.

7. Reflection: Lastly, they all had to summarize their thoughts and experiences from the two seminars. I was glad that no one wrote, “The last seminar was lame because we had to do a lot of writing!” 🙂  Those reflections can be found here.


I was required to assign readings prior to my first semester to introduce the subject to the class. The three articles I chose were:

Focus on Advocacy: Are You Using Social Media Yet to Support Music Education?

Social media as an opportunity for pedagogical change in music education

Web 2.0 Matters: An Analysis of Implementing Web 2.0 in the Classroom

The other readings during the seminar included:

Using Social Media and Technology to Strengthen Your Choral Program (My high school choir teacher! Great read!)

My Reflections

Overall, I think it went well and was a fun experience for the class! I enjoyed watching everyone explore the different social media tools and blogs! I think it is important for us as future music educators to know all of the resources we have available to us, and how great that some of these resources can be accessed from the comfort of our couch! I fully believe in collaboration and working together to further advance our profession, and I think social media is going to be a large factor in that!

I’m also really looking forward to the rest of the class seminars. Everyone has chosen really interesting topics so I’m excited to learn and engage in new topics! This is definitely my favorite class thus far in my program!

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