I know I’ve mentioned a few times that I’m a huge fan of Dr. James Jordan’s books, but I truly believe his books have had a great influence on my musical life. So, in hopes of persuading you to go out and buy the book(s) for yourself, consider this a potential series of somewhat-frequent posts of my favorite quotes from Dr. Jordan.

“You will discover how stories play a role in the life of a musician. You will realize that great teachers and musicians become great because they partake in meaningful sharing. To be able to give of oneself is the greatest gift a teacher and artist can give…I realized that the story is one of the most important rehearsal techniques.” (pg xvi, pg 8.) – The Musician’s Spirit – Connecting to Others Through Story

As musicians and artists, we teach the world about our lives and findings through creative expression. We are story-tellers by default! I went into more depth on this topic in this post inspired by “So You Think You Can Dance.” I encourage you to give this approach some thought before the school year starts, whether you are a teacher, a student, musician, actor, or whatever! Don’t wait to be asked, just give! Share your stories!