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Starting Monday 1/25/16

I stumbled upon this article on Twitter last week while browsing through the #edbeat hashtag one morning before school. It poses a very important question: Would you buy a ticket to your lesson?

I immediately ran through everything I was going to teach that day, and I unfortunately thought, “No, I definitely would not buy a ticket for that class. Maybe for 3rd period…but not first. Or second.” I went about my day with this question burning in the back of my mind. I wondered how many students would purchase a ticket to my class. How much would they pay? Would they buy season tickets? Would they buy them and sell them to other students? Would my own students scalp tickets to my rehearsals?

Ever since reading Kauffman’s post, I reflected a lot on my current teaching strategies and content. With my choir classes, I have definitely fallen into a routine with warm-ups and the overall structure of rehearsal, specifically from November onward with concert preparation looming and attempting to make more time for last minute note-learning and polishing. Now that it’s January, we are sight-reading daily like we used to pre concert preparation, but everything else is the same, minus the repertoire. I need to find some new ways to break the norms of rehearsal so that they not only are learning their music, but also investing themselves in the message of the text or the culture of the piece. I miss the excitement I had as a brand new teacher when I had so many ideas I wanted to try, and actually tried them! Now I have the ideas and they are added to the “some day” list. Lame. Not cool, Lindsay. Not cool!

I encourage you to reflect on your lessons and ask yourself the above question. If you were a student, would you pay to attend your class every day?

Start your week off reflecting and challenge yourself to design each lesson with your students in mind. Choose to inspire them!


Educators – Do you feel you have lost your ‘new teacher’ spark like I discovered about myself? How do you inspire your students? Leave a comment below, or continue the conversation on Twitter @LindsayBrazell.


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