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Starting Monday 2/1/16

Today’s quote comes from the Bible, though, if you are not a person of faith I still think there is something to glean from it’s message.

As my mom always used to tell me, “Find joy in all you do.”

Whenever I wasn’t in the mood to go to a rehearsal, or sports practice, or anywhere that a high school student was required to be at against their will, that is what she told me. No matter how awful a situation may seem at the time, there is always a silver lining.

Maybe you have a difficult class that you dread each day because you spend the majority of the time addressing behavioral issues instead of content. Maybe you have a parent meeting regarding a tough situation. Maybe the experiences in your personal life are overwhelming and it’s hard to focus at work. Try to find the joy, somewhere. It’s definitely hard, but there is always something positive to focus on. That difficult class you have, maybe there are 4-5 great kids in there that think the world of you. Maybe that parent thinks you could be their child’s saving grace in school. Maybe your job can help change your mood.

Even if everything is going well for you, choose to intentionally find the joy in your life! There are days I think to myself, “This doesn’t feel like work at all. I make music all day!”

So go, start Monday! Go find joy! 🙂


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I’m Lindsay, a choral music educator by day, a singer-songwriter by evening, and a writer when time allows. You can find my latest album, The Room I Found – Lindsay Morelli on iTunes.

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