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Starting Monday 2/22/16

Michael Hyatt is one of my favorite leaders. While I may not be an entrepreneur, author, or businesswoman, I have learned a lot about leadership and personal development from his books and blog. A lot of what he teaches can be implemented in the world of education.

Depending on your teaching circumstances, particularly if you are just starting at a school or building a new program, there may not be the funds or resources you need to do all of the great things you have dreamed of prior to landing the job. It can really be a bummer sometimes.

However, there are so many experiences you can create for free, or at a very minimal cost:

  •  Make connections with local musicians, college professors, or other professionals to come do a clinic with your students.
  • Ask to “open” for a college choir performance.
  • Find local community events that would be interested in having student performers.
  • Produce a fundraiser that showcases your students.

Not every successful program needs to travel to Disney World or New York to provide memorable experiences. Sometimes the best experiences are in our own towns or classrooms.

Dream of valuable experiences for your students and bring them to life!


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