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Starting Monday 2/6/17


‘Tis the season for choral festivals and competitions, so I felt this quote to be appropriate!

I used to have mixed feelings about music competitions. I never felt that music was an area that needed or required competition, because that goes against everything I think music does for our world. After my time in the classroom, I feel somewhat differently.

It’s not about scoring well or coming in first place, though that is a nice bonus. It’s not about bringing home a trophy. It’s not about showing off your talents.

If there is one reason to take your ensemble to festival or competition, it’s to show them the true value and purpose of teamwork. 

In our daily rehearsals, I vividly remember saying, “We are as strong as our weakest singer.” Now, by “weak singer,” I wasn’t referring to actual poor vocal production. Our “weak singer” was defined as someone who wasn’t taking the time outside of class to learn their part, or someone who didn’t practice their sight-singing, or who came late to rehearsal, or missed rehearsals, or who’s behavior wasn’t representing our choral program well.

And I included myself, too. If I didn’t come to rehearsal prepared to fix and polish our repertoire, I wasn’t doing my part.

If we weren’t all going to give our best, than our performance just wasn’t going to be our best. That really sunk in for my students.

Take the time this week to foster a team of musicians who want to give their best performance!

For the next two weeks, I’ll be posting some last-minute festival tips for those of you preparing for that in your classrooms right now! Don’t worry, you won’t have to scrap repertoire or completely change your program!

I’m going to help you foster the best competition preparation environment for you and your students, and how to set yourself up for an awesome educational experience!

Let me know if you have any questions specifically about festival or competition preparation! I’d love to help!

Have a great week!

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