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Starting Monday 2/8/16

I recently showed this TEDTalk to my music appreciation students, and while I’m mildly ashamed to admit this, I had not previewed the video prior to our class. I had no idea how inspiring it was going to be!


His message was that classical music is for everyone, regardless of musical background or lack of background. I very much agree, though, that is not what I took away from the talk.

The quote above was said when he was discussing how the musician performs, noting impulses and expressitivty, can make a difference in connecting to an audience or losing them completely. It made me think of all teachers as conductors.

We impart our knowledge and skill to our students so that they can be great musicians and high-achieving ensembles. Teaching is such a selfless act, and I love that.

We share our knowledge and skill with our colleagues and peers, so that we can support and inspire one another. We go to clinics and learn from the people who already solved a problem we are having.

Start Monday using your power to make your students, colleagues, and school powerful!


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