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Starting Monday 4/11/16

I belong to some music educator groups on Facebook, which I usually find helpful or at least informative. Sometimes, though, I see posts from educators that I wish I could delete for them.

Our digital age gives the world the freedom to tell the rest of the world whatever they please, from political views down to mindless pictures of our lunches. It also puts a tremendous amount of resources right in the palm of our hands. I’ve posted questions in those groups or on Twitter and have received answers in minutes…it’s awesome! But we need to distinguish between helpful and harmful.

Asking questions about unsupportive administrators may be a well-known topic among peers, but is posting in a public forum the right place to ask?

Teachers build a brand for themselves whether they realize it or not. Our social profiles are looked at by coworkers, former students, and other industry peers. What if we used our platforms for good?

Share things that people won’t mindlessly scroll over. Inspire your friends and followers. And, at least for me, post a picture or two of your food! (Some people care…I’m one of them!)

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I’m Lindsay, a choral music educator by day, a singer-songwriter by evening, and a writer when time allows. You can find my latest album, The Room I Found – Lindsay Morelli on iTunes.

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