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Starting Monday 4/18/16

In case you are unfamiliar with Damon Albarn, he is a member of the band Gorillaz. You know, that song that goes, “I’m happy, I’m feeling glad, I got sunshine in a bag. I’m useless, but not for long the future is coming on.”  Oops, it’s stuck in your head now!

Anyways! I love this quote from him, and it speaks to the theme of this blog. It’s better to be a part of something rather than a one-man-show, in all areas of our lives, really. While it’s nice to have a solo, or being in the spot light, every once in a while, there is much to be gained from being in the choir, or the ensemble.

  1. You learn from people. Some of our greatest relationships form from music ensembles, Bible studies, book clubs, marriage, etc. Musically, we perform with people that are better than us that help us grow. In other situations, we gain knowledge and develop skills from those we interact with or practice with that help us get better. There’s usually a leader in each ensemble we belong to, and they typically play a significant role in our development.
  2. You bond with people. Studies show that the same chemical in our brains is released when we perform in an ensemble that occurs when we experience feelings of trust. Some of my best friends are from choirs I’ve sung in! Likewise, in our life ensembles, there is always a common bond that brought everyone together initially or that developed over time.


How are you fostering ensemble skills in your music program? How about life? Take some time this week to notice the impact each of your ensembles has on you, and the impact you have on each of your ensembles!


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